It’s almost April 2009. Life has been so very busy, so utterly dramatic, that sometimes I can’t even believe half the things that happen. New prez. Changed economy. New ways of using the Internet. New job responsibilities. Oh, and a new book!! Wow, about ten years ago I remember feeling anxious about getting into the publishing industry. I wanted to be a novelist. Wanted to do what the other writers were doing. Back then you’d walk into the library or the bookstore and would find stories by Sandra Kitt, Bebe Moore Campbell, Connie Briscoe, Omar Tyree, Sheneska Jackson, E. Lynn Harris, and Marita Golden. Back then the idea of books by and about black people seemed so pure. Pure in that it was like a brand new thing. At least that’s how it felt to me. Back then was different, way different, than now. We only had a few shelves of books, and we were so happy to be able to read those books. Now we have rows and rows, entire sections, in the bookstore and the library. And there’s no way on earth anybody can read every book written by African American authors. Not anymore. Too many books. And not enough time.

So, the fact that I have a new novel coming out this summer, is amazing. It’s like my dream is still in motion. And that is a wonderful feeling.

My Sister’s Ex will be released on Tuesday, August 4th (Barack Obama’s birthday). The story of two siblings who must sort out raw feelings over a two-timing Casanova named Jeffrey Williams. Some elements of this novel may be considered classic Rax, but there’s still something different about it. This time around, I got to explore family dynamics in a way that I haven’t done before. Family drama is real. Family drama can be scary, frustrating. Emotional. Life-changing.

So make sure and mark the date on your calendar. Add My Sister’s Ex to your wish list. Read the novel. And, if you’re a brave soul, let me know if you have your own personal testimony about a sister and an ex-boyfriend.


About Cydney

Author Cydney Rax, her debut novel My Daughter’s Boyfriend was released to lots of fanfare – and much controversy due to its racy content. Since then, she’s become an influential writer with a dedicated fan following. Her other sexy love triangles novels include My Husband’s Girlfriend, My Sister’s Ex (cited by Essence® as one of 2009’s best reads), Brothers and Wives, and the popular novella Desperate Housewife which was featured in the Reckless anthology.

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