The Good Thing About Bad Reviews

By August 17, 2005July 5th, 2015The Rax Files

I surf the Net a lot and from time to time I come across negative reviews of My Daughter’s Boyfriend, a novel which seems to have irked countless numbers of people for many reasons. I really do not read entire reviews anymore (only the good reviews), but here is a link that someone took the time to post. It’s an entire blog about my little book.

Now, everyone is going to have a different opinion, but one thing about bad reviews is this:

Sometimes, especially when people are very angry in their reviews, well, it only makes others curious and want to know what’s going on with that book. An example is Confessions of a Video Vixen. So much anger. So many comments. Scathing reviews. And tons of controversy = book sales. People either shy away from the book or they want to see for themselves what’s going on. So, in my opinion, that’s a good thing. I want as many people as possible to know about My Daughter’s Boyfriend by Cydney Rax. Don’t let others scare you out of reading a book for yourself. Form your own opinion.

Also, it cracks me up when people say, “Don’t buy this book.” Well, all that does is make people buy it. Why? Because they get curious! Why shouldn’t I buy it? What’s in that book that I’m not supposed to see?… And folks still end up getting the book. It’s the equivalent of telling someone not to do something, and that’s the very thing that they’re going to do. So thanks, seriously, to all the people that post the negative reviews. It can have positive results. And I do appreciate anyone that has heard of my book and read it anyway. I love it when people check the book out from the library. A library book is still a sold book. And when you tell someone to check a book out from the library, it’s still an endorsement, right? And the more people that read your book and tell others about it, the more people become aware of you and your book. Not a bad thing.

Soooo, all of this stuff is just part of being an author. I read my contemporaries Amazon and reviews and so far no one is exempt from negative comments. I mean the million sellers get them. The mainstream, self-pubbed, literary folks, street fic writers, romance writers, all of us. But us authors must keep on keeping on. Everyone will not get what you do, haven’t been where you been, or don’t understand what you were striving to do with your story at the time you wrote it. It’s okay. Write the kind of book you want, the book that makes you feel passionate, and surely there will be folks out there who do enjoy and appreciate what you do. They will tell you the total opposite of what others have said. They will ask when the next book is coming out. They will make you feel good inside with their kind words. And this, my friends, makes everything we endure as an author, worth the journey.

Peace out.

Cydney Rax
Author of that controversial book called MY DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND. Get the book and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

P.S. Other books that get scathing reviews, that people tend to read just because of the reviews are:

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

And one of my favorites
High Maintenance by Jennifer Belle


About Cydney

Author Cydney Rax, her debut novel My Daughter’s Boyfriend was released to lots of fanfare – and much controversy due to its racy content. Since then, she’s become an influential writer with a dedicated fan following. Her other sexy love triangles novels include My Husband’s Girlfriend, My Sister’s Ex (cited by Essence® as one of 2009’s best reads), Brothers and Wives, and the popular novella Desperate Housewife which was featured in the Reckless anthology.


  • No_the_game says:

    Rax you sound an ineresting , thoughtful person. I was wondering if you would like link me to your blog and comment on my blog.

    With love,

  • Anonymous says:

    A bad review about a bad book? I don’t think a review that says a book is a bad, should necessarily be deemed to be a ‘bad’ review. A bad review, in my opinion, is one that gives away the ending or too much of the plot, or one that basically restates what’s on the inside front flap, or one doesn’t state why a book was good or bad for the reviewer. A review, either good or bad, can persuade one to read, or not read a book.

  • CydneyR says:

    Bad review = negative review.

    Also, you’re welcome to post on this blog, but please don’t post anonymously. I want to know who’s visiting the site. So please state yo moniker. Thanks!!

  • CydneyR says:


    to be honest, i don’t know how to link people to my blog. i’ve seen other blogs that include those links on the side, but me have no idea how they get it there.

  • LadyLee says:

    In my opinion, book reviews are not all that trustworthy. For example, your book Cydney, My Daughter’s Boyfriend, had been on my reading list for over a year, but because of a couple of so-so reviews, it took me awhile to read it. And when I did, I thought it was very good. I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner…

    On the other hand, I just read a book (which I won’t mention here) that got rave reviews. Oh, it was suppose to be the best thing in the world! And I found it to be just alright. To be truthful, I didn’t like it that much.

    So the bottom line is: to each his own. What I may like, you may not like, and vice-versa.

    And Cydney, don’t let the haters get to you. Keep doing the darn thing! You got a true fan here, homegirl!


  • CydneyR says:

    Thanks for your support Ladylee.
    🙂 I like when people value what I try to do.

  • Cydney, you’ve been tagged. Check out my blog. 🙂

  • daahsar says:

    Hi neighbor… I read your book and was wide mouth because I knew of someone in Texas who lived what you wrote even though it was fiction the main characters were right down the street. Good book and it hit home with all the familiar spots such as Katy Mills Mall, Memorial City, ect… I live in West Houston and the book was interesting. Reviews are only one person pov… but still a good read. Mothers, they are still women.

  • CydneyR says:


    Thanks for posting your comments, and for reading my book. A guy! Yayyy! Welcome fellow Texan. And I read your profile. I LOVED the movie Sabrina, but haven’t seen the original version.

  • CydneyR, I understood your definition/concept of a ‘bad’ review, I was just stating my mines.

    Previously posted as Anonymous

  • Darni says:

    I read your novel in a day. I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to learn how it all panned out. For me, the best part was the end. That and the flooded car scene were definitely my favorites (kinda like God’s trying to tell you somethng). When I brought it home my daughter looked and gasped: “Mom! That’s that controversial book!” I didn’t know there was a controversy, just got it because I was intrigued. I also read The Vixen book as well as a few of the reviews. I thought the reviews were more attacks on her personally rather than on the book the plot etc.

  • CydneyR says:

    Darni, you HAVE to ask your daughter what she’s heard, why is my book considered controversial. This trips me out everytime I hear something like that. It cracks me up and I wonder what is going on out there. 🙂 Please write me off-loop. And thanks for reading the book and giving feedback!!

  • Thank you for the insight!! As an author, you’ve given me an entirely different view on bad reviews. I guess it’s true what they say. You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

    Toy Styles
    Rainbow Heart

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