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Woo, I hope I do stir up some discussion for what I’m about to drop in this post. One thing I do not like or understand is so-called ‘reviewers’ who really aren’t reviewers because they haven’t even read the book or seen the movie but yet have opinion. STOP! Stop it now. It is sooo annoying for people to blast a book they’ve never ever read, or don’t plan to read yet they can voice their viewpoints?? WTF? Reviews should be done by people that have read the entire book. Not by someone that figures upfront it won’t be worth their time. If it’s not, get to stepping and let a true reader do his or her thing.
Another thing, please do not post every single plot twist in a review. WHY?? LOL. When you do that, you take away their desire to read a book or see or movie. Why should they at that point? They already know everything that’s going to happen. The suspense has been removed. Ugh!
So do us authors a favor. Don’t past judgement on things you don’t know about it. Don’t post reviews on what you’ve heard someone else say. Do read the whole book not just the first chapter and give it a rating. You aren’t really qualified to post a rating based on a chapter. And if you don’t like something, that’s fine, but never tell someone ‘don’t waste your money.’ That’s an ignorant statement. Why? Because why would you care what other people do with their money. It’s not yours. You don’t have the right. I know that is a statement that some people tend to put in their comments, but it is totally irrelevant and unnecessary. 🙂
Okay, I’m about to get off my soapbox. Right now I’m reading Hood Rat by K’wan, my introduction to this author’s work. I’m also working on my third book titled How To Be His Number One. And thanks to each of you that do read my books and have listed them as favorites. Thank God someone out there is feeling me!!! 🙂
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