New Cydney Rax Audiobook – IF YOUR WIFE ONLY KNEW

By December 23, 2015The Rax Files

IFWOK audiobook

I really enjoy listening to an actor narrate my novels. It is amazing to hear the book come alive through the actor’s interpretation of my characters, especially when sound effects are added. You can visualize everything that is happening and it makes for an entertaining experience.

Just in time for the holidays a new audiobook is ready for pre-order.

You may now pre-order or order the audiobook of IF YOUR WIFE ONLY KNEW.

Here’s the link:

Order the audiobook

My novel drops on Tuesday 12/29. Make sure and post those book reviews online.

Thanks as always.

P.S. What do you think about this book cover? Hot or not?


About Cydney

Author Cydney Rax, her debut novel My Daughter’s Boyfriend was released to lots of fanfare – and much controversy due to its racy content. Since then, she’s become an influential writer with a dedicated fan following. Her other sexy love triangles novels include My Husband’s Girlfriend, My Sister’s Ex (cited by Essence® as one of 2009’s best reads), Brothers and Wives, and the popular novella Desperate Housewife which was featured in the Reckless anthology.

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