New Cydney Rax Contest

IFWOK audiobook

Starting today, Sunday, April 17, 2016, I am running a special contest that will reward one lucky person a copy of the IF YOUR WIFE ONLY KNEW audiobook. Just imagine yourself popping in a CD and listening to narrator Lisa Smith make the juicy story about Kiara, Rashad, Nicole, and Alexis come alive.

Audiobooks are perfect way to listen to books while you’re driving, chilling at home, or during your lunch break at work. They engage the imagination. And just about everyone that’s read my lastest novel has an opinion.

This contest is open to everyone and will run for two weeks until Sunday, May 1st.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is to visit my website.

Click on the Contacts link; completely fill out all of the sections (including your e-mail address) and send me a message. I want you to drop me a note and tell me:

(1) Which of my books have you read?

(2) How did you first hear about my books?

(3) What makes good reading in your opinion (what elements do you enjoy most when you read a novel?).

I will randomly select a winner by May 8th and will announce it via my blog and Facebook.

Good luck! Thanks for your support as always. And please spread the word about the contest.

Happy reading,

Cydney Rax