Scandalous Betrayal




Veron Darcey is tired of being some man’s side dish, or worse, being stuck in the friend zone. She’s ready to have it all–tender love, hot sex, commitment, and an upscale lifestyle. Fed up and frustrated, she turns to her gorgeous best friend and man magnet, Demetria, for advice. But when Demetria decides to demonstrate her secrets on Veron’s real-life dream guy, it’s a game changer.

Much to Demetria’s surprise, seducing Seaphes Hill will require every wild trick in her steamy book. Even more shocking, it turns out she wants him so bad, there’s one major secret she won’t share with Veron. Soon what began in fun turns into an all-out rivalry, filled with mind games, sex games, and dirty lies that leave a friendship in the balance–but may give Veron a whole new outlook on just how powerful she can be–without changing a thing.  .  .

Praise for the novels of Cydney Rax

“The book we can’t put down.” —Essence® on My Husband’s Girlfriend

“Fascinating, witty, and thought-provoking.” –Zane on My Daughter’s Boyfriend

“Whatever’s in the water in Houston, Cydney Rax should drink eight glasses a day.”
–Patrik Henry Bass, Senior Editor, Essence Magazine

“Warm, engaging and intense.” –The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers


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