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Author Cydney Rax completes her Reeves Sister’s Fictional Series

By The Rax Files

Have you checked out the Reeves Sisters Series?

To be honest, writing a series is very challenging. You have to remember a lot of details. You have to make sure your story line keeps flowing. You must have a beginning, a middle and a compelling ending.

The Reeves Sisters Series is the second fictional series I’ve ever written. I remember many years ago, when these five women first popped into my creative mind. The characters were loud, colorful, vibrant, and seemed oh so real to me. Even though I was working on other books, the Reeves Sisters continued to haunt me. To this day I can hear the voices of Alita, Burgundy, Coco, Dru and Elyse. I love these women and I hope you have read and connected with the story lines.

Have you checked out any of the books? I would recommend that you read them in order.

Here are the novels in order:

  1. A Sister’s Secret
  2. A Sister’s Survival
  3. A Sister’s Power

If you enjoy contemporary fiction about family, love, struggle, women, romance, marriage, secrets, and relationships, you should pick up my books. Order today. Excerpts are available via Google Books. Read a sample. Place an order for the ebook, audiobook, or large print library edition.


A Sister’s Power Nomination – Cast your vote for AAMBC literary awards 2020

By The Rax Files


I am shocked, excited, and feel very honored to learn that my most recent novel  A SISTER’S POWER was nominated as Urban Book of the Year by the AAMBC. Readers may cast their vote by visiting The deadline to vote is Friday, March 27, 2020. The list of nominees is awesome and you may vote just once. Thanks for your support.


Cydney Rax


For the five Reeves women, nothing is more important than keeping their family bond tight and their communication flowing. But honesty isn’t so clear cut when it could blow up everything they’ve fought to build . . .

Already reeling from betrayal, middle sister Coco is fed up with lies—including her own. If she has her way, someone else’s neck needs to be on the line for a change. But soon, Coco’s in deep trouble with the law, her future hanging in the balance . . . Now the only thing that can save her is revealing one last devastating truth.

Struggling with unthinkable loss, Coco’s sister, Burgundy, finds comfort in a colleague’s arms. But her
eight-year-old daughter wants no part of him. She wants the life she enjoyed when her father was alive. As Burgundy fights to move on from the shocking tragedy of her marriage, she seeks a silver lining. And against all odds, she wants herself and all her sisters to win. In spite of secrets, lies, deception, and hurt, she will do whatever it takes to support and empower her family. Even if it means risking everything that’s important to her.

Now between revenge, grief, and forgiveness, these siblings will challenge themselves—and all they think they know about each other—in a showdown that may leave them united—or cause them to forever fall apart . . .








10 New Fall Novels About Badass Women That Also Happen to Be Written by Badass Women

By The Rax Files

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A Sister’s Survival by Cydney Rax (Out Nov. 27)

The Reeves sisters are on a mission to take back control of their lives in A Sister’s Survival. As Elyse struggles to come to terms with and conquer the wounds left behind from the sexual abuse she has endured, her four older sisters are dealing with the likes of an unhelpful baby daddy, plans of revenge, and cheating. This female-heavy cast of sisters is a true testament to the strength of women and the everyday struggles they face. Female readers everywhere will find themselves relating to the courageous sisters in this empowering novel.


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Cydney Rax’s New Novel – A SISTER’S SURVIVAL – Book #2 – Reeves Sisters Series

By The Rax Files


To keep their family ties strong, the five Reeves sisters meet regularly to give each other a reality check. But explosive family secrets begin to pour out like molten lava, and forever change all they treasure most . . .
After a shattering revelation, youngest sister Elyse struggles to overcome the sexual abuse that nearly destroyed her. Between her tough eldest sister, Alita, and a promising fresh start with a new man, she’s finding the strength to make the most of her fierce intelligence. But Elyse still has a score to settle with the perfect sister she feels betrayed by—and she’s going after everything Burgundy can’t afford to lose . . .

Coco thinks her useless baby daddy is finally about to commit—until she catches him with a woman who’s everything she’s not. As she tries to move on with her life, she can’t resist carrying out the ultimate revenge. But when she inadvertently gets caught up in Elyse’s plan, she must confront an unforgivable truth that could crush any chance these sisters have to make things right.


Popular author is Cydney Rax is back with a second installment of the Reeves Sisters Series. Book 1 is A SISTER’S SECRET (now on sale for $4.99).

A SISTER’S SURVIVAL release date is 11.27.18.

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Cydney Rax Releases New Novel – A Sister’s Secret

By The Rax Files



February 27, 2018 marks the release of Cydney Rax’s ninth novel. Titled A SISTER’S SECRET this juicy,  relatable and dramatic story is all about family, secrets, and female empowerment as the ladies deal with numerous issues. Set in Houston, Texas, this book is a breezy read that allows you to get to know an unforgettable cast of characters: Alita, Burgundy, Coco, Dru, and Elyse.

A SISTER’S SECRET is a great selection for book clubs. Known for her controversial topics and scathing commentary, Rax continues to write novels that keep readers talking.

In fact, RT Book Reviews stated that A SISTER’S SECRET is “Clever. Compelling. Captivating. Rax’s fans will be pleased with the first book of her new Reeves Sisters series. It’s a quick read with realistic characters and all the drama, heartache, and love that goes along with a family of five women.”

And The Root endorsed the novel and said that it’s one of 2018’s new and upcoming books by black authors that will give you life in these perilous times

Book 1 of a three-novel series called “The Reeves Sisters”,  A SISTER’S SECRET will be released as an e-book, trade paper, audio CD, and large print library binding. The book may be downloaded to your tablet or cell phone within seconds. The novel is currently on sale everywhere books are sold including GooglePlay,, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Booksamillion, and other retailers.


But don’t take another reader’s one of A SISTER’S SECRET. Check it out for yourself and share your opinion via social media platforms. Get your copy today.

My Married Boyfriend is Back

By The Rax Files



Cydney Rax’s novel MY MARRIED BOYFRIEND was received with great acclaim and excitement. Readers couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going on with wife Kiara Eason and her philandering husband Rashad. Throw in two side chicks (yes, two) and there’s tons of room for drama, tension, and all kinds of complications. Especially when bad boy Ajalon comes to town.

The mass market copy of MY MARRIED BOYFRIEND will be in stores and available to purchase on Tuesday, December 26. Make sure and order your copy.

Love & Revenge has never been juicier.

Barnes & Noble has it.

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And even your local library may have it. 

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“…Rax’s strength is in showing growth, especially among her sympathetic female characters, and this tightly written soap opera rises above others in the genre. Fans of Kimberla Lawson Roby may enjoy this series.”
– Booklist Review

“A dark, yet dreamy tale about love packed with unbelievable twists and turns.”

 — Madame Noire

Cydney Rax’s Black Friday Sale

By The Rax Files


Everybody love’s a sale.

And this year — for two weeks only – many of my products are available for purchase at a 10% discount.

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Thanks so much.

Cydney Rax

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