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By January 31, 2006July 5th, 2015The Rax Files

On the author tip, I learned today that my first lil book MY DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND has finally earned out its advance and I will be getting a royalty check. A nice unexpected chunk of change. This is absolutely one of the best things that can happen to a writer. And one thing I’ve never wanted to do is cause my publisher to lose money because I wasn’t able to earn out my advance. But thank God, folks have been buying the book, especially the paperback edition and it’s now in its second printing. So again, thank you to everyone that has been so supportive of MDB. I have really enjoyed visiting a few Houston area book clubs — these ladies make me laugh sooo hard. Like The Sistah Hood Book Review, Brownstone Book Club, and others. We have so much fun and I love hearing the ladies diss my characters and talk about what they did, and how Tracey was so hated etc., It is amazing how readers look so far into a book in a way that an author doesn’t intend and they pick up on things that even I hadn’t thought about. Soooo, I am counting my blessings today — and to me, earning royalties is a nice bonus because I try not to worry about how my book is selling. I don’t hustle (shhh, don’t tell anybody), I try not to get caught up. I just depend on word of mouth, and pray, and que sera sera. You simply can’t control every aspect of the author life. You gotta let go of things and just enjoy each experience good or bad. And that’s what I’m doing and what I hope to continue to do for the rest of my life.


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Author Cydney Rax, her debut novel My Daughter’s Boyfriend was released to lots of fanfare – and much controversy due to its racy content. Since then, she’s become an influential writer with a dedicated fan following. Her other sexy love triangles novels include My Husband’s Girlfriend, My Sister’s Ex (cited by Essence® as one of 2009’s best reads), Brothers and Wives, and the popular novella Desperate Housewife which was featured in the Reckless anthology.

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