Michael Jackson, Fame and the Loyalty Factor

By May 31, 2005July 5th, 2015The Rax Files

First of all, I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s music, from the good ole times of the J5 (I’ll Be There, ABC, Dancing Machine, and every hit or non-hit in between). I loved MJ during the Thriller days, was amazed by all the hysteria and the fact that from 1983 to 1984 or a little thereafter, I noticed Michael Jackson was in the news every single day, without fail, which is incredible.

Fast forward to the trail. There are many aspects of this case which could elicit some comment or another, but for this post, I want to focus on how incredibly disloyal some people have been to MJ. From former associates, ex-employees, maids, housekeepers, it seems just about everyone that had some type of special shoulder-rubbing with MJ has come out to kiss and tell, and tell, and tell. It seems money can buy a lot of things but loyalty hasn’t been one of those things. Is it because MJ is supposedly broke now, so the folks feel they can ask for a pay0ff by Mike? Or have they already been paid, even after they’ve signed these confidentiality agreements, which is a requirement to be employed by Michael. If you work for him, do not go to the press and tell them what you’ve seen while at Neverland. You sign a piece of paper swearing you won’t divulge what went on. But that paper, those signatures, mean virtually nothing now that Michael is on the trial of his life. I mean, regardless of him being what 50 something and still playing with little kids, I would hate it if my so-called friends came out and willingly testified against me. It would hurt so bad I would be depressed. I would feel as if all the air is gone from my body. I would feel dead inside. I would be so angry, so wounded. And the way Mike looks these days, it seems like this may be how he feels inside. Let’s say alot of the people are lying, they are disgruntled employees, or people who wanted to be around him for selfish motives but he kicked them to the curb. Well, those people want to get him back. They want to show him he isn’t so powerful after all. They betray him, they testify for the defense, they give misleading statements, half-truths, just to make Michael look bad. Regardless of their motives, it’s outright betrayal. It’s airing the dirty laundry. It’s kissing and telling and telling and telling. It’s sticking a knife right inside Michael’s eyeballs. I don’t think any of us would want to look up and realize our family, friends, ex-friends, whomever, would hate us so bad that they want to take us out – take the life out of us, by testifying against us. And I think it’s the fame factor. Because Michael is so famous, and so greatly pursued by the press, people are just eager to give folks what they want, for a little bit of cash of course. They feel proud of the former association, happy they have enough info on Mike that they can write books (as Bob Jones, one of his former associates is doing thru his book that’s being released in May 2005). It makes you feel that everything you do and say is being recorded, remembered, archived, just so those things can make a grand appearance one day. When you least want it to, when you’re at the height of your fame, and when those disclosures can do the most damage. I feel for Michael in terms of the disloyalty factor; and would never want to be in shoes when it comes to that. Not that he has a right to commit wrongs; all that remains to be scene via the upcoming verdict, but geesh, what does it cost for his associates to remain loyal. If not confidentiality agreements, money, what will it take??


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  • Shavonne says:

    It seems like Mike’s associates did sell him down the river. At the same time, if they are subpeonaed, those confidentiality forms they signed don’t mean a thing in a criminal trial. I’m a fan of Michael’s music, but if he’s done what he’s been accused of then he should be punished. I think Michael is guilty and I’m basing this on the first time he was accused. In life all you have is your good name, and when Michael paid that kid off, that said to me he was guilty. There’s no way in the world I’m going to let my name get dragged in the mud or give some brat any of my hard earned money if I didn’t do it. I’d rather go broke defending my name.

  • CydneyR says:

    Well, at this point, I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s very possible he’s going to be convicted. I think he does need help. He should distance himself from wanting to be around children. At this point, it’s about using good judgment. Your love for kids shouldn’t be so extreme that you are going to perceived as a pedophile. It simply isn’t worth it. But I still like Mike the performer. I remember the good ole days of Thriller, Off the Wall, Motown, all that. I’ll bet if Michael could turn back the hands of time, he’d make different decisions — shoot, I would too. LOL.

  • CydneyR says:

    Okay, I was shocked but pleased he was found innocent. I wasn’t shocked because I just KNEW he was guilty. I didn’t know that at all. It’s just that the media scrutiny makes you think certain things. The court of public opinion can persuade you to think things that aren’t necessarily right. Only the Lord knows what really happened. And I didn’t want to see Michael hauled off to prison. I especially didn’t want Nancy Grace of CNN to celebrate any MJ conviction. She hates his guts and probably has never even met him. LOL. This case teaches many lessons. But I’m too wore out right now to list them. I want to back away from the TV and chill out with a good book!!

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