My Daughter’s Boyfriend




Single mom Tracey Davenport is relieved that her seventeen-year-old daughter, Lauren, has decided to wait to have sex with her first real boyfriend, Aaron, a handsome college student. After all, Tracey was only seventeen herself when she had Lauren. But while Lauren is getting her first taste of romance, Tracey is coming off yet another disappointing relationship. Now wonder she can’t help enjoying the admiring glances she’s caught Aaron directing her way…

Over a few chance encounters, it becomes clear that there’s chemistry between Tracey and Aaron. Despite her nagging guilt, Tracey tells herself a little flirtation is harmless. But Aaron is young and fine, and he knows exactly how to read her. And what begins as an exciting fantasy turns into a very hot reality – and an even more complication situation.

“Warning: Once you pick up My Daughter’s Boyfriend, you will not be able to put it down. It’s the book you’ll be talking about with your girlfriends as if you’ve just heard a bit of good gossip and can’t hold your tongue.” —Renee Swindle, author of Please Please Please

Juicy debut, capably written. Rax keeps it real, and Tracey is genuinely likable, for all her sins. – Kirkus Reviews

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