Author Cydney Rax Internet Radio Interview w/The Risque Cafe

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I hope y’all take time out of your busy Sunday afternoon to listen in on my Risque Cafe Blog Talk Radio Interview | Sunday, September 13 | 5:30pm Central Standard Time

I’ve done a lot of these interviews and they’re always fun and unique. If I’m not mistaken, we’re doing a giveaway of some of my books.

See ya then.

Photos from Written Works Expo

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Author DeMonica Gladney was kind enough to share photos posted on Several Houston area writers served on a panel at the Written Works Expo on August 22nd at the Kashmere Gardens Library.

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Black Excellence Book Club and McCrane-Kashmere Public Library

August 21-22 (2009)
Houston Public Library
McCrane-Kashmere Neighborhood Library
5411 Pardee
Houston, Texas 77026

What is a “written works expo?” It is a community project which attempts to bring local African-American authors together to share their works with an interested public. Works such as fiction, poetry, short story, and more will be presented, and writers/authors will speak to maturing and/or up-and-coming writers/authors to guide them in the right direction. Such discussions will focus on improvement of the craft, publishing, editing, and selling.
Meet your favorite author or poet and have your book signed!
Get connected with all the information you need. If you are a writer, book lover, or someone who loves to meet authors, come and enjoy what Black Excellence Book Club and McCrane-Kashmere Neighborhood Library has to offer.

Writers and authors who will be present during the event include:

DeMonica Gladney, author of Willing to Wait.

Geri Guillaume, author of Winter Fires and Her Brother’s Keeper.

Sheila Dansby Harvey, author of Illegal Affairs and Bad Girls Finish First.

Cydney Rax, author of My Daughter’s Boyfriend and My Husband’s Girlfriend.

Courtney Lamont Smith

Brandis Thomas

ATTENTION Authors and Writers: There is no standard registration fee/rate for an author table. To attend, email your information to or call 832-393-2450 and bring your materials to the event. You will be able to meet-and-greet and publicize your works to the Kashmere community, Houston Public Library users, local book clubs, the Neighborhood Civic Club, schools, and more.

Refreshments will be available.

To register for a table, download and fill out the form below, and email it to Darryl Kiser at or fax it to him at 832.393.2451 or mail it to:

McCrane-Kashmere Neighborhood Library
5411 Pardee
Houston, Texas 77026

Woman, Stop Messing With My Man

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when a woman goes out of her way to try and steal someone else’s man. Please join me and S. B. Redd during his BlogTalkRadio Show on Weds., August 12th. We’re going to get down and dirty and openly discuss why some women go to any lengths to pursue relationships with men who are already taken. We will also be discussing my new novel MY SISTER’S EX. If you’re a female and have ever chased someone else’s man, we’d love for you to call in (or listen in). At any rate, I look forward to thoroughly discussing this topic and more.

What: Maverick Media (on Blog Talk Radio)

When: Wednesday nights 10 p.m., eastern; 9 p.m., central; 8 p.m., mountain, 7 p.m., pacific

Show’s duration: 60 minutes

Call-in number: 347.215.9680

Show topic: Woman, Stop Messing with My Man!

Show’s website/chatroom:

Maverick Media (on Blog Talk Radio) statistics:

Since June 2009, Maverick Media (on BTR) has consistently ranked among BTR’s top five shows in the entertainment category, and it has peaked at the No. 1 spot among entertainment shows for at least one day the following weeks: 7.8.2009 thru 7.10.2009; 6.23.2009; from 6.16 thru 6.18.2009; and from 6.10 thru 6.12.2009. (The are more than 250,000 original shows on BTR; more than 25,000 new shows each month on BTR; there are more than 10,000 hosts on BTR.)

And since the week of 5.13.2009, Maverick Media (on BTR) has consistently ranked among BTRs 20 most popular shows overall, peaking as high as No. 6 (7.30.2009), No. 9 (6.11.2009), No. 12 (6.25.2009, 7.16.2009, 7.31.2009), and No. 15 (7.9.2009, 7.30.2009).
As of July 1, 2009, Maverick Media (on BTR) averages more than 1,000 daily downloads and more than 7,000 downloads per weekly show installment. That translates to more than 30,000 listeners each month; a download/impression occurs every 90 seconds. (Blog Talk Radio boasts of more than 4 million listeners each month for all the shows that are hosted on this medium.)

Past guests:

Marvin Cobb, former NFL player and college athletic department administrator

Lloyd Gite, former television reporter and freelance journalist

Brenda Russell, Grammy-award nominated performer

Jesse J. Holland, reporter for the Associated Press; he covers the U.S. Supreme Court

Chris Barnes, professional bowler, future PBA Tour hall of famer, candidate for the PBA’s bowler of the decade (2000-2009).

Take care and “see” ya next week.

Cydney Rax
Author of My Husband’s Girlfriend

Winners of MY SISTER’S EX Contest (& More)

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Below is the list of the readers who won an advance copy of MY SISTER’S EX.

Phyllis Jackson of Jamaica, NY
Shameka Warren of Houston, TX
LaMonica Jones of Washington, DC
Tamica Gatling of Ft. Eustis, VA
Marla Ofor of Houston, TX

Congrats to all the winners. Sale date for MY SISTER’S EX is Tues., August 4th. If you do get a chance to get a copy of the book and read it, please make sure to post your review on,,, or any number of other review sites. You are also welcome to post your comments on my blog.

Here is a link to a brief sample of my new novel:

This Stuff In My Books Are Real

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I was just going through many e-mails that were written by folks who’ve read my books. And every so often I come across “fan” mail that confirms many things. My book titles and topics may seem implausiable to some, but people in real life are going through baby mama drama, women who are going after their men, or they know someone in that very situation.

Without telling all their business, some readers, especially my male readers, are very forthcoming about the struggles they have in their own marital relationships. Married yet sexless. Men who have met “Dani’s” in real-life and were so drawn to his “Dani” that he couldn’t give her up. Bottom line, this stuff is real. It’s just that we don’t talk about it because it is humiliating. And feeling humiliated is totally understandable.

But it’s good to be able to discuss these issues.

Right now I am going to share a Dear Abby column that completely represents what I’m trying to convey about what people endure behind closed doors:


I am 43, the mother of four children and just celebrated my 20th anniversary. Is it normal for someone to be married all this time and still not want your husband to see you naked?
I do not reveal myself to him. The lights must always be off, and I keep a shirt on. It’s not because I am ashamed of my body; it’s that I’m not attracted to him. I never was.

I married my husband for security and have learned to love him. But I love him like a brother, in a sisterly kind of way. I feel I owe him.

Should I tell my husband how I feel and risk losing my security after all this time? I had to talk to someone, so I confided in my best friend. She advised me to say nothing.

My husband had an affair a few years ago, and frankly, I was secretly relieved. Sometimes I wish he was still with her. Now that it’s over, I’m back in hiding. Abby, please advise. — HIDING IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR HIDING: What a sad situation. By marrying your husband feeling as you did, you have cheated both of you. Not only have you “not revealed” yourself physically, you have not revealed yourself emotionally or in any other way. You wish he was still with his lover because it took the pressure off you.

Your husband had an affair because instinctively he knew something important was missing in your marriage, and if you were happy you would not have written to me. What you have described is not a marriage; it is an “arrangement.”

My advice is to talk to your husband about making another kind of arrangement — one in which he supports the children and possibly makes some kind of settlement with you, while you both pursue your separate lives. Frankly, it won’t be much different than what you are already experiencing.
copyright Jeanne Phillips 2009

Okay, this situation says a lot. This wife did not want to have sex with her own hubby, for her own reasons. And she’s glad he had sex with another woman so she didn’t have to. Wow! What you may not put up with another woman will (bad grammar, but you know what I’m trying to say).

I’d love to generate a discussion.

What are some things you’re shocked you’ve put up with in your own relationship. We ALL do this!! 🙂 We may be embarrassed to admit it, but we do.

Like, do you tolerate your current man’s need to stay in touch with his ex-girlfriends? That’s a good one!! Let’s talk about it.